Working with computers since 1978



no matter who you are, there comes a time when you might think, how do I do that, or what have I done and how can I get out of this.
having spent many years relaying technical detail in laymans terms often to older people we find that the patience so often missing with others we have in abundance, such that helping an 85 year old to discover that the internet is not as daunting as they thought and once they managed to get their mouse the right way up exploring the web becomes a real treat especially as their initial reluctance was based on their premise, I'm too old to bother with all this new fangled stuff,
training and assistance on a one to one basis leading to competence and comfort with this amazing medium brings it's rewards for us and we will provide this training at your location for convenience.
as with all initial enquiries, call 0800-310-1996 to discuss your requirements.

We do it because we enjoy the challenge and want you to enjoy it as well

£25-00 for the first 2 hour session, hourly thereafter as required



one to one

personal consideration


And its not just the internet!

Word processing,
Digital Photography,
in short, what ever you need to become comfortable with
the technology of
today can be yours, at home.