so how much does it cost

Because I am asked this question, what is it likely to cost, there is now a section within this site which gives examples of where the starting point is, and the costs associated. But I should stress that it depends upon what you want to include in your site, a great deal can be incorporated within the starting point site. create bespoke web sites, in simple terms, that means that the site is designed around your requirements and the information you wish to present.

we will not use a template site and fit your data into it, everything about your site is constructed exclusively, ensuring that your site can expand as your requirements do, maintaining accurate navigational links and ease of loading.
Regular maintenance and updating therefore becomes accurate and cost effective.

The Starting Point

The starting point comes with an entrance to your site, a front door, the cover page, what ever you like to call it, this ensures that visitors know they have arrived at your site,
From this front page, you can enter your site, to be presented with the options for navigation through the site, information about the site and other essential details like contact data and credits.
This is your Home Page,
Up to
ten links to as many pages will be there to guide your visitors through your site.
Obviously this is only an illustration of the Starting Point.
Individual development of a site is discussed in detail at all stages to ensure your information is presented in the best light, however, in addition to the entrance page and your Home Page
as mentioned there will be up to ten additional site pages for information, and just as there are up to ten pages available from the Home Page, each site page can be further linked to additional pages, for example, a page of Photo Thumbnails linked to expanded photos, or a family page, with links to individual members pages, however, within the basic cost of a starting point site, page expansion is not included.

The Multicolouredwebsite is an example of a starting point site to give an idea of the space and navigation options, further information is on the various pages within the site.

A Starting point site will cost from £150, further details within the Multicolouredwebsite


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