Working with computers since 1978




About us, really!

OK, the truth now, toby-dell is a trading name for Roger Brain
The name, toby-dell has slight vague family connections.

Roger was Trained by the Control Data Corporation, at their institute in London, before IBM brought out the first PC, and went on to work for Honeywell Information Systems, as a Hardware Engineer, Trainer and Troubleshooter, working with such companies as Thorn Emi, Gallaher,
Desoutter Brothers, House of Fraser and many others, mainly using machine code programming for mainframe interrogation, developing systems for people such as The Vintage Motorcycle Club in his spare (non Honeywell) time.

Time and Technology have marched on and systems we could only dream about in the 1970's
are in most homes now.

When I was at college, we had to know exactly how a computer worked, obviously in order to mend it in the event of a problem, those were the days,

But now, you merely need to know how to use the machine to do a job for you,

despite it seeming like an impossible task, getting to grips with the technology should be rewarding,

Creative web site design is a constantly evolving science so there is never time to get bored!

Music, Sailing and Technology, in any order, knowing when to put one down and refresh with another helps, despite there not being enough hours in the day, they all have their place.






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