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Maggie was born in the Historic City of Nottingham, in 1958 and began painting and drawing at a very early age. Many hours were spent in the Art Gallerys at Nottingham Castle gazing at the mastery of the paintings hung there. Barely a teenager, she was sketching classmates and notable film stars of the age. Her development, as an entirely self taught artist came naturally and she has drawn on her love of the outdoors and the rural landscape for many of her works.


Having moved to the west country in 1977 her inspiration has come more and more from the natural unspoiled beauty that abounds in the Devon landscape.

She has exhibited her works throughout the United Kingdom.

Her paintings are usually commissioned and collected throughout the United Kingdom.

Some of her work has been reproduced by a London Publisher on a number of different mediums and sold the world over.

With her experience in graphic design and extensive travels throughout europe her original style displays eclectic fantasy and imagery drawn from wide experience.