Why, What will it do for me,

A good question, often asked, sometimes misunderstood.

It all stems from the desire to have perhaps, a Web Site, but without realising what it can be for, sometimes the need to justify, in some commercial sense it's existence, will cloud the sites content.


Web sites do not necessarily need to be there to entice your potential customers, via search engines, or to be used to sell your products on line, or even to demonstrate that you have a technical capability.
They can simply be there to let people you hope will become your customers or clients or friends know exactly what you do.
By simply displaying your web site address on your business card or referring to it in conversation you enable your visitor to discover what you do, in their own time, without any pressure, and it is freely given. What you do, how good you are, examples of what you do, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is your statement your declaration of intent, your archive advertisment, your presentation to the world.

Whatever your objective might be, information given or marketing products, it is your window to the world.

natural curiosity works to your benefit; with a one line advert 'www.mywebsite.co.uk, go there!' people will. ensure they are impressed with what they see


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